Our clients say it best!

I’ve had chronic back and neck issues for many years that inhibited my ability to play tennis regularly. I finally decided to seek physical therapy to see if that would improve my condition. My PT designed a series of exercises and treatments that would be beneficial to my situation. I have been committed to doing the exercises on a regular basis. My neck and back have improved significantly in the course of my treatment...I now have methods to correct some of the issues as they occur.
— S.K
My body feels so much better and I look forward to getting back to all my favorite activities. I’ve seen and worked with lots of trainers and physical therapist throught my basketball career and not many have such an incredible knowledge and sense of how the body operates.
— K.A
I was preparing to run the Boston Marathon and had just completed my long run. I developed severe knee pain which I thought would ruin my marathon dreams. I was told by a neighbor to see his physical therapist at Medfield Orthopedic. I’m so happy I did. She treated my ITB syndrome. I didn’t even know I had an ITB. I was able to complete the marathon and have been running ever since.
— J.S.
She was the best. Knowledgable, good personality, good therapy and good advice for what to do when not at the facility to facilitate my healing.
— J.M.
You have worked your magic once again. My husband was skeptical that you would be able to help him with his back pain that had been ongoing for a year but I convinced him to try PT. In just a few visits, he is already painfree. You made him a believer and now he is committed to his exercises.
— J.S.
I have been treated intermittently (for various injuries) since 2008 and have always been pleased with my care. Everything from the complete appointment schedule given at the first visit to the take home exercises were clear and explicit. My therapist was competent, thorough, gentle and exceptional in all ways. She explained the “why” as well as the “how”. I have recommended several people to this practice and they are equally pleased.
— S.C.
Thank you so much for your patience and skill these past few months. The surgeon may do his part well but I have come to feel it is the PT’s who do the healing and get the patient whole again.
— M.D.
When my son had his shoulder surgery at the end of March he was worried he would not be ready in August for football at the start of his all important senior year. .The doctor said if he worked hard he’d be ready, and he was. Thanks to you and your expert guidance, motivation and personalized care, he was ready for double sessions. I’m pleased to say he didn’t miss a game all season and is now getting ready for baseball. Can’t thank you enough.
— K.A.
The staff was very courteous and helpful. The therapists are very knowledgable and friendly. Always asking how things are going with your therapy. It makes you feel like this is a family and they care about your well-being.
— K.R.
This was my third time here. She was excellent to work with. Personality and smarts!
— M.O.